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 Post count problem
I have counted the characters' posts at the beginning of the contest here, using this feature.

If I use the same feature to count the characters' posts at the end of the contest, I notice that for some people the count isn't correct. For example, Jose Silveira figures with the same 1 post from the beginning, but if you check the posts during July in his profile, there are 4.

I checked if the forums he posted in were enabled to count posts, and I found out that exactly the sitewide event wasn't, by mistake. But I corrected it and I recounted, resynchronised... still the displayed post count doesn't change, even if now it is enabled and recounted and resynchronised. What else should I do in order to make sure it counts the posts now, in order to check who won the contest?

This post has been edited by Elena: Aug 1 2015, 01:03 PM
Resynchronization and recounting only supports the forums, not the members. There is currently no way to resynchronize member post counts based on total posts. Sorry to disappoint you. I see how this messes up your contest but I don't have any good advice other than checking which forums had it disabled and then attempting to adjust accordingly.

I actually have some old code on my development board where I was writing this feature to put under "Recount Statistics", but it's not completely finished yet. If it's not urgent, I can look at where I left of with it and add this option.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thank you very much. So it means in that forum I have to count posts manually. I'll do it...

I thought recounting/ resetting would help, because they are the forum's posts and the members' equally.

This post has been edited by Elena: Aug 1 2015, 05:36 PM
Nope. It's just not the same thing. It only recounts the posts in the forums, not the entire user base with respect to that forum. I believe it should stay that way because there are a variety of reasons why someone would not want posts to sync, and it's how it's always worked.

That being said there is definitely value in having a member posts recount option as well which is why I have it in dev. Just never finished it.

email: :: blog: John C.
    I have a suggestion for you Elena if you haven't already counted everything by hand (or for the future as a note).

    If you go to the Search form of the forum itself, and filter by these...
      FILTER BY MEMBER NAME: Full character account name
      SEARCH WHERE: The forums that didn't have post count on (and child forums, if you want to do that).
        Search posts from... any date
        Search Where: Search entire post
        Sort results by... last posting date
        Result Type: Show results as posts

    Doing that will give you all the posts that person only made in that forum/those forums, and the results display up to 25 posts a page (so if there are three pages of results, it's 50+ posts).

    I hope this makes sense and hope it helps in the future; it's what I do for advertising contests.
Thank you very much, @multiplicity!
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